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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Whitewashing hatred and bigotry!

The look says it all.
Okay America, since Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee made this an issue again by publicly salivating about it like a pair of rabid dogs fighting over a tasty Scooby Snack, let's rap about their disingenuous and downright evil "religious liberty" bill.

The true depth of the rabbit hole.

The long and the short of this type of legislation is that it's a blank check that will let any business owner discriminate against any current or potential employee on the grounds that they, "greatly offend" their religious beliefs. Now I know what you're thinking. Religious freedom is already protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. Why on Earth would we need more? Short answer; we don't. Long answer; here's the thing...

This type of legislation gets tossed around at a state level all the time. The bills are usually grouped together under the catch-all category of RFRA Laws, and they typically carry broad-based, extremely undefined language. With most of these laws, Ted Cruz's baby included, an employer could not only refuse to hire or fire any potential employee that, "offends his religious beliefs," but these laws also open the door to hamstringing the enforcement of domestic violence and child protection laws. Furthermore, businesses could object to minimum wage and tax laws that they claim violates their religious precepts.

These laws got a huge boost after The United States Supreme Court ruled that Hobby Lobby, a corporation, could refuse to supply its employees with federally mandated health insurance coverage that included contraception, because it offended the religious beliefs of the company's owners.

These laws do nothing but give legal ass-cover to blatant discrimination. They have nothing to do with protecting your religious freedom, and everything to do with finding not so clever ways around gay marriage and anti discrimination laws. 

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