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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Oh No, It's the Universal Heat Death Writ Large. I actually like one of Trump's cabinet picks.

Before anyone starts screaming at me to turn in my liberal card, hear me out on this one. Here's President Elect Trump's pick for Secretary of Interior, current Montana Representative Ryan Zinke.

A little bit about Ryan Zinke.

Yep, Zinke is firmly in the pocket of big business. Yep he's also a climate change denier, yes his social agenda is a disaster, but... He's... actually got a pretty good record for multiple use land management, which is something that any Montanan can preach about to you for hours. (They put it in our childhood vaccination shots.) He's a good pick for Secretary of Interior. I wouldn't put him in charge of EPA (which considering who's taking that over, will be gutted and useless in about three years or so) but federal land use management... yes this guy will most likely do a good job. Plus he's got a geology degree, so he's at least passingly familiar with science (climate change denial non-withstanding of course.)

The ability to manage their own lands is something that should be dealt with on a state level anyway, and Zinke will most likely swing this way. There needs to be a solid balance between the resources we use, and the resources we protect, and Montanans know this well. So good choice Trump you're now 1 and what...8?

The final and perhaps most important bonus to Zinke's appointment to this post is that it will remove his disturbingly evil social agenda from congress. It's too much to hope for that Montana will ever swing liberal on any vote, but with Zinke gone they can start over, perhaps with someone more moderate.

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