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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

President Elect Trump Stuffs A Starving Fox In The Hen House And Slams The Door Shut.

All About Scott Pruitt

So America, this is your President Elect's pick for the new head of the EPA. Some highlights, just so you're aware: 

1. He has a proven track record of defending the largest industrial polluters in The United States. In fact here's a bonus for you, he's currently actively involved in suing the EPA in multiple lawsuits, for doing its job. 

2. Again, to reiterate: He routinely defends big energy companies from EPA regulation, and takes lots of money in campaign contributions from them. He's pro fossil fuels folks, and not in a sane "keep them as clean as possible way" either.

3. He seems to still think scientists are still debating whether or not climate change is real. Here's a tip: They aren't!

4. He thinks the EPA is being deceptive with their methane measurements, but not in the way that they're actually being deceptive in their methane measurements; the EPA is drastically underestimating methane gas emissions.

This is a man who denies scientific fact and cares far more about money than clean air or clean drinking water. I am all for less government regulation, but large corporations are greedy by nature, and they do not care about you. The EPA functions best when it's serving as a watchdog over big energy companies, and the unfortunate fact of the EPA's existence is that you cannot kick this type of agency to a state regulatory level. The issues that they deal with in North Dakota can have drastic consequences for South Dakota or Montana, or Canada, and if you keep denying science and hamstringing the EPA with bullshit lawsuits then you get real massive problems. Ask Libby Montana or Flint Michigan, or Hinkley California if some EPA oversight would have helped.

Take a look at the Ridley Scott movie Blade Runner. That version of Los Angeles is coming people, and this is how it starts.

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